A Different Kind of Energy Booster

Most people don't think of themselves as supplement users. The truth is that most people actually consume food and beverage products every day for functional benefits - just like supplements - without thinking about it. Coffee, energy drinks, caffeinated sodas, energy shots, etc... all provide a benefit like a supplement, but aren't in a pill format. A company in California called The FRS Company has developed a different kind of supplement for health and energy that works by activating the body's natural energy production system.

Scientifically formulated patented blend

FRS® Healthy Energy® comes in cans that look like typical energy drinks, but there's nothing typical about FRS. Ordinary energy drinks rely on high doses of sugar and caffeine to boost energy. FRS is powered by an antioxidant called Quercetin, in a patented blend of vitamins along with green tea extract. In a pre clinical study, this patented blend encouraged the production of more mitochondria on a cellular level. Mitochondria are the part of the cell that produces energy. Exercise also increases the production of mitochondria, particularly with extensive physical training. FRS stands for Free Radical Scavenger - a term for an antioxidant, and was developed as an antioxidant based fatigue-fighting health drink, tested and refined by scientific researchers at Harvard.

The key ingredient is an antioxidant called Quercetin

Quercetin is a natural antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables like apples and grapes and has an incredible ability to enhance your body's natural energy system. Scientific studies have shown that Quercetin boosts energy, but one study required people to take 1000mg of Quercetin per day in an enriched drink. It would be impossible to get 1000mg of Quercetin from foods- for example, apples supply Quercetin, but it would take over 100 apples to get as much Quercetin as was used in the study. A ready-to-drink can of FRS contains 325mg of Quercetin. Not only does FRS contain 99.5% pure natural Quercetin, but it also is blended with a patented mix of vitamins to aid with absorption and bioavailability.

In the years since FRS was first tested and refined by scientists at Harvard numerous studies have been done on FRS and the key ingredient in FRS, Quercetin. Findings from the scientific studies are:

  • FRS has more antioxidant power than other energy and health drinks
  • Quercetin, a key ingredient in FRS, enhances endurance by increasing mitochondrial production
  • Quercetin, a key ingredient in FRS, can improve physical endurance in people who are not highly trained athletes
  • Quercetin, a key ingredient in FRS, supports healthy immune function
  • FRS improves cycling performance in elite cyclists

Feeling is believing

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