5 Simple Ways to Help Fight Fatigue

Do you struggle to stay awake in the afternoon? Ever feel worn out just thinking about all the things you need to get done in a day? Even after a good night's sleep do you not feel fully energized? Fatigue can be linked to a medical condition, but for many people mild fatigue is just a byproduct of a busy lifestyle.

If you're like most people in America you probably feel fatigued at times. So what are some easy ways to fight fatigue? Everyone seems to have a "top 10 ways to beat fatigue" list these days. After reading list after list we found a few suggestions that were easy enough that people could actually follow them.

  1. 1. Exercise. "If you have mild fatigue that isn't linked to any medical condition, the solution may be exercise. Research suggests healthy but tired adults can get a significant energy boost from a modest workout program. In one study, participants rode a stationary bike for 20 minutes at a mild pace. Doing this just three times a week was enough to fight fatigue." (WebMD)
  2. 2. Check out the antioxidant Quercetin. "A supplement of the nutrient quercetin can help make exercise tolerable for adults who battle fatigue and stress, as well as help boost endurance in seasoned exercisers and athletes, according to a new study conducted at the University of South Carolina." (Natural News) Note: there's a popular energy supplement on the market called FRS Healthy Energy that's full of Quercetin and vitamins. Click here to go to their website and order a free trial of FRS. You can thank us later…
  3. 3. Cut out the junk food. "You may be thinking "candy bar!" but a sugar boost will just leave you lagging again in an hour. For a nearly instant energy boost that lasts, eat a healthy snack containing protein and a complex carbohydrate, says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, MPH, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and a weight control researcher at Drexel University in Philadelphia." (webMD)
  4. 4. Water. "Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, since dehydration can cause fatigue." (eHow)
  5. 5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast Every Day. "Your mother likely harped on this when you were a small child. Guess what -- Mom was right. When you first wake up, your blood sugar is low. Eating a proper breakfast can serve as an energy booster." (about.com)

Sound too simple to work? Give these 5 simple suggestions a try and you may be surprised...

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